Early Games

The table below provides a chronology of the earliest documented baseball games played by Canadian teams, whether played in Canada or otherwise. It is primarily the fruits of the research of SABR member Martin Lacoste, augmented by the contributions and commentary of CCBR director Bill Humber. Research covers all years through 1870, i.e. before the advent of the organized professional era with the National Association in 1871. Supporting documentation is included via links to the appropriate source in the BOX column; commentary and discussion can be found through similar links in the NOTES column. Discussion covers such issues as the rules under which the game seems to have been played, e.g. the New York rules or the rules of the 11-man “Canadian baseball”.

Please note that this table is a work in progress. Corrections and additions, preferably accompanied by underlying source documentation, are welcomed, especially for games played outside Ontario (Canada West).


BC        Buffalo Courier
BDC     Buffalo Daily Courier
BME    Buffalo Morning Express
DFP     Detroit Free Press
GA       Guelph Advertiser
GEM    Guelph Evening Mercury
GH       Guelph Herald
GM      Guelph Mercury
GWM   Guelph Weekly Mercury
G&M    Toronto Globe
HS        Hamilton Spectator
HT        Hamilton Times
HWS    Hamilton Weekly Spectator
HWT    Hamilton Weekly Times
IC         Ingersoll Chronicle
LFP      London Free Press
NYC     New York Clipper
NYSM  New York Sunday Mercury
REE      Rochester Evening Express
SDC      Syracuse Daily Courier
SDS      Syracuse Daily Standard
WSOT  Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times