The Centre’s library consists of both books and research papers. It is not a lending library, but is open to the public for use on-site. Research requests made remotely can also be handled by the Centre’s volunteer staff.

Highlights of the book portion of the library include the Hall of Fame’s Morris Liebovitz collection, consisting of some 2400 books, many of them first editions, and many of them autographed. Director Andrew North’s collection of another 1300 books includes all the annual Guides dating from 1860 (DeWitt, Beadle’s, Spalding, Reach and Sporting News), as well as every SABR publication and all of Bill James’ works, including his self-published Abstracts before he obtained his Ballantine contract. The publications portion of the Hall of Fame’s Harry Simmons collection offers complete early years of Baseball Magazine, including the rare first issue from May 1908, and of Who’s Who in Baseball, including the first edition of 1912. The magazine segment of the library features numerous game programs and scorecards, both minor and major league, such as Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Royals, Hamilton Cardinals, Detroit Tigers and many others.

As well, there are voluminous files of correspondence and research notes. Director Bill Humber’s files span 4 or 5 decades of work, and Harry Simmons’ files describe his long service to the International League and the Commissioner’s Office out of Montreal.

All books and papers are housed in the Hall of Fame’s expanded Museum facility, and catalogued and maintained by the Centre on a volunteer basis.

For a summary list of the library’s book collection, click here. For the list of magazines, programs and scorecards, click here.