• Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Special Induction 2021

    On October 13th the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame announced a Special Induction class for 2021. The class is a diverse group crossing lines of gender, race, geography, and occupation, and is representative of the various levels of Canadian baseball in the pre-1969 period. See the Hall of Fame’s web site at https://baseballhalloffame.ca/canadian-baseball-hall-of-fame-museum-to-add-17-inductees-for-their-historical-contributions/ for details.

    With the able assistance of a number of regional experts, the Centre for Canadian Baseball Research was very involved in the selection process. Our objective was to identify those players and teams whose profile in the baseball community might have hindered their Hall of Fame candidacies in the past, but whose contributions to baseball in Canada were significant. Since lack of familiarity with such candidates is not an issue with modern and current players, we restricted our search to the period before the arrival of the Montreal Expos in 1969.

    After much discussion, our suggestions, with supporting documentation, were forwarded to the Hall of Fame’s Board. The Board approved our recommendations, recognizing the opportunity for bolstering the Hall’s historical membership that has been provided by the COVID-induced suspension of induction ceremonies. The result is a class of 17 worthy inductees – male, female, First Nations, Black and white players as well as owners, promoters, an umpire and a team from across Canada. They make the Hall of Fame a better place.